Thank You For Being a CCS Donor! 75th Annual Appeal Update

January 27, 2022

Thank you to all who donated to the 75th Annual Appeal. Our fundraising goal was $450,000 and thanks to a generous donation to match the contributions made by first-time and end of year donors to CCS, we are just $50,000 away from our goal. This is the most we have raised in the past decade and we are committed to making up the difference. In the coming months we will share how you can help us in this effort.

Up next, we begin the CCS grantmaking process, outlined here to support programs in Harlem and Morningside Heights. 100% of your tax-deductible contributions are distributed as grant awards to community organizations working to combat hunger, support youth development and education, and ensure equitable social services.

We should all be proud of the all-in effort across Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College for this 75th Annual Appeal milestone. Stay tuned, there is still much more work to do!