Celebrating the Grantees of the 75th Annual Appeal

Maggie Barrows
July 29, 2022

For the first time since 2018, Columbia Community Service grantees and staff were able to gather in person on Wednesday, July 13, at The Forum on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus to celebrate and network.

The CCS Grantee Reception, an annual tradition, was attended this year by representatives of 50 nonprofits, as well as staff and supporters from Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers College. While the reception was held virtually during COVID-19, program staff and grantees were thrilled to return in person and have more opportunities to connect and share.

After this year's new grantees spoke, Katie Leonberger, an alumna of Columbia Business School, provided insight on strategic planning for nonprofits in a post-COVID funding environment.

A group of people standing around a buffet taking food

Attendees gather and enjoy refreshments prior to the program.

A woman in glasses and a white shirt stands in front of a projector screen

Shailagh J. Murray, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Co-Chair of the CCS Campaign, welcomes attendees.

A man stands at a lectern in front of a group of seated people

Scott J. Wright, Vice President of Facilities and CCS Steering Committee member, introduces the new CCS grantees. Photo by Eileen Barroso.

Following the welcome and introductions, the leadership of the new grantee organizations addressed the group. 

A woman with short hair in glasses speaks into a microphone

Aissatou Bey-Grecia, Vice President and Director of Programming at Friends of Morningside Park, addresses the group.

A man in a green shirt holds a microphone for a man in a wheelchair.

Terri Stevens, President and CEO of In Arms Reach.

A woman in a floral dress with short hair and glasses stands at a lectern with a microphone

Cynthia Field, Member of the Board of Moving For Life.

Two men standing at a lectern

Christopher Snell, Director of Operations, and Anthony Hargraves, Program Director, from Riverside Hawks Hope Health and Hoops Corporation.

A woman in a salmon shirt speaks into a microphone

Nikisha Alcindor, President and Founder of STEM Educational Institute.

A man in a suit speaks into a microphone

Al Cohen, Executive Director of The Community Initiatives of NY.

A woman holds up a number of pamphlets

Sara Jane Wellock, Director of The Parris Foundation, shows the group a booklet about “STEM-ulating Minds and Magnifying Dreams.”

A man in a button-up shirt speaks into a microphone

George Edwards, Director Of Development at Association to Benefit Children (ABC).

A woman in a pink patterned shirt speaks into a microphone

Carrie Jacobs, Manager of Volunteer Services at DOROT.

A woman in a black dress addresses a crowd

Guest Speaker Katie Leonberger, President Coleman Family Ventures, gives a presentation on strategic planning.

A group of people talking

Irene Zola, Executive Director of Lifeforce In Later Years and Ron Bruno, Executive Director of Morningside Retirement and Health Services.

A woman in a green shirt reading a program

Janet Rodriguez, Founder of SoHarlem.

Two women in conversation.

The reception provides an opportunity for grantees to connect and network with each other.

Congratulations to all our new and returning grantees! We look forward to seeing what you have planned over the coming year. 

If you're interested in seeing all the CCS grantees from the 75th Annual Appeal, they're available in our directory.